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Hot Breakfast

Special Breakfast 

eggs, bacon, sausages, toast and tomato, with your choice of coffee, tea or fresh orange juice


Big Breakfast 

eggs, bacon, hash brown, sausages, mushrooms, toast and tomato relish


Bacon & Eggs 

fried, poached or scrambled with toast and tomato



Eggs Benedict
w leg ham, bacon, mushroom or avocado  


w smoked salmon  




(1) Leg ham, cheese & mushroom with toast
(2) Spinach, mushroom and feta cheese with toast

(3) Bacon, cheese, tomato & onion with toast


Vegetarian Breakfast 

eggs, spinach, mushrooms, halloumi, hash brown,
avocado and toast


Eggs Breakfast 

fried, poached or scrambled with toast and tomato


Avocado Toast with Poached Eggs 

served with grilled tomato


Extras (only with HOT BREAKFAST purchase)

Bacon  $5.00

Tomato relish  $1.00

Sausages  $5.00

Spinach  $3.00

Smoked salmon  $6.00

Hash brown  $2.50

Halloumi  $4.00

Baked beans  $4.00

Avocado  $4.00

Mushroom  $4.00
Minute steak  $5.00

Gluten-free toast  $1.00

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